Eleven Sports Network

Ident Creation

Elven Sports Network is a brand new global sports network dedicated to delivering world class international and domestic sports and lifestyle entertainment. Initial launches include 9 channels across 4 select domestic markets (Belgium, Poland, Singapore and Malaysia) with each country receiving over 2,000 hours live coverage of premium sporting events annually, along with news, comprehensive analysis, digital content and local programming.

Based on the brand identity we designed and executed a series of idents that Eleven Sports Network can replicate. With rich colours, shot with a high level of intensity, the idents embodies Eleven Sports Network’s brand identity.


Feature length documentary



XYZ sales figures
Guardian review link here


Consumer insight videos

Interview based videos produced for the ethnography department at Ipsos-Mori UK. Shoots in the UK, Thailand and Indonesia. On location shoots, production, translation and editing services.

“In the 5 years I’ve worked with the SRK they have continued to deliver a high level of production capabilities that has massively helped us bring insight to life through video.”
– Oliver Sweet, Head of Ethnography, Ipsos-Mori

The Space: Bangkok

Multimedia space re-branding, management and curation

The Space Bangkok was started by veteran war photographer James Natchwey and run by a group of his photographer friends living in Bangkok. Its focus was communal events, limited photography exhibitions, traditional dance performances and dinner nights.
This approach generally attracted only the older generation of expats and a select group of Thais within that community.

The Idea
– Broaden the audience.
– Build a physical platform where Asian and Western artists can show they work, meet and exchange ideas.
– Curate a new range of shows and events.
– Establish The Space as a go-to spot.

– Overall rebrand of the Space, both physically and online; Logos, flyers, website design.
– Engage with Thai street art community to paint the interiors.
– Employ a dynamic young curator with a background in networking.
– Introduce a full range of events, including film screenings, art shows and talks.

– Created the now cult-like Khlong San Vice Squad show which hosted artwork from Brazil, Romania, Japan, USA and Germany.
– Solo show ‘Traces’ for German-Filipino artist Melanie Gritzka del Villar, over 150 people for opening night with majority of her collection sold.
– Quadrupled the online Facebook presence of The Space.

Nike / The Chance

Branded short documentary series

In 2012, Nike’s ‘The Chance’ campaign searched for a new generation of football players from 55 countries around the world. Only the top 16 would win the chance to participate in a four week tour with FC Barcelona.

The Idea
– Create a documentary series following the success of key players and tell the story of the South-East Asia segment of ‘The Chance’.
– Collaborate closely between markets to produce a product that works locally, regionally and globally.

– Completed 4 episodes over 3 months, as a collaborative process between the brand, the agency and The SRK.
– Focuses conceptually on the dichotomy of a rural player and an urban player throughout the tournament.
– We provided day-to-day feedback and support for the brand and the agency.
– A creative and successful way of applying our documentary skills and aesthetics in line with what was needed by the brand.

– Videos gained huge online attention.
– Internationally it stood proudly next to content from other regions and territories such as the UK and Brazil.


The first fully peelable sticker book series

Since 2008, The SRK has worked alongside publisher Laurence King to create and curate Stickerbomb sticker books.

The Idea
With Stickerbomb currently establishing itself as an international brand, The SRK have decided to expand the product range. Build further links with our publishers with a schedule of books and to also include a range of stationery, specialised kids range of Stickerbomb products and more.

With access to thousands of artists through the success of our Stickerbomb books we will commission;
– Stationery including notepads, stamp kits and more.
– Kids range including Back to School Kits and teeshirts.
– Clothing and apparel aimed at our Stickerbomb audience.

– Five books since 2009 and over 170,000 international sales.
– Over 200 artists represented from over 50 countries.
– Three books scheduled for release by 2015.
– Expanding Stickerbomb product range with Laurence king and seeking partners for producing apparel.

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