The Creeping Garden
Feature Length Documentary 2014


The Creeping Garden is an award winning feature length creative documentary exploring the work of fringe scientists, mycologists and artists, and their relationship with the extraordinary plasmodial slime mould. Directed by Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp and with an original soundtrack by Jim O’Rourke, depicting the world of plasmodial slime moulds, and the diverse array of research currently being conducted around them.


Asian Footy Guide
In Production | Feature Length Documentary 


Asian Footy Guide is a feature length documentary that looks at corruption and politics within Football in Asia. The film follows Coach Simon Mcmenemy and Physiotherapist Matias Ibo on an adventure through Indonesia, the ups and downs all the while trying to understand what is holding back the region from real success.



Feature Length Documentary, 2010


Soka Afrika is an award winning documentary celebrating African football in the run up to World Cup 2010. Following the different paths of aspiring young African footballers, we explore the power of football to influence Africa for better and worse.

Winner: Jury Prize, Best Film, Kicking and Screening Festival, New York 2011
Official Selection: African World Documentary Film Festival, 2011 | 11mm Football Film Festival, 2011 | BCN Sports Film Festival, Barcelona, 2011

Directed by Suridh Hassan. Edited by Tim Grabham. Camera Clare Richards & Naor Elimelech.
Produced By Masnomis and Ryo Sanada. Art Direction by Ryo Sanada.

Feature Length Documentary, 2011

“A mysterious and compelling meditation on sound, song, story, ritual, performance, nature, tradition and Japanese Buddhism… a fearless merging of medieval and modern, beautifully filmed with a variety of cinematic techniques on location in Japan, intimate and deeply seen.”

Gaetano Kazuo Maida,   Executive Director Buddhist Film Foundation, Inc.
A Dissolving Path / Cinema iloobia film in association with The SRK.

Directed and produced by Neil Cantwell and Tim Grabham.

Feature Length Documentary, 2008


Bassweight is the first self release DVD from the SRK. A feature length documentary that offers an unparalleled insight into the subterranean world of Dubstep. Charting the genre’s growth from obscure origins in south London to global recognition today.

Directed by Suridh Hassan
Produced by Ryo Sanada
Edited by Cinema iloobia


Graffiti Asia  
Short Length Documentary
Produced alongside the Graffiti Asia publication, 2009

Graffiti Asia is the first documentary that looks at the emerging graffiti scene across southeast Asia. From Shanghai to Jakarta, the film travels the major cities of Asia looking at how graffiti has integrated into the cityscape.

Directed by Suridh Hassan, Produced by Ryo Sanada


RackGaki – Japanese Graffiti  
Short Length Documentary
Produced alongside the Rackgaki publication, 2007

Taking its title from a pun on the Japanese word for graffiti – rakugaki – and the English graffiti slang of “racking” spraycans, RackGaki: Japanese Graffiti provides a fascinating insight into Japan’s explosive graffiti scene, with a soundtrack by the country’s leading trip-hop artists.

Directed by Suridh Hassan, Produced by Ryo Sanada, Edit by iloobia
Camera by Suridh Hassan, Tim Grabham and Ryo Sanada

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