All Smiles in the Land of Smiles  
Short content, 2016

We travelled with Romanian artists Saddo and Aitch from their charming home in Brasov, Romaina to the bustling city of Bangkok to find out what they got up to at Bukruk Festival 2016.

Client: Stickerbomb
Camera by Shazeed and Ryo Sanada
Edited by Suridh Hassan


Stickerbomb Skate Promo  
Publishing, 2015

A promo animation by Cinema iloobia for the release of the Stickerbomb Skate book. Featuring iconic graphics by legendary skateboard brands: Toy Machine, Santa Cruz, Alien Workshop, Zero and Girl Skateboards.

Client: Stickerbomb
Animation by Cinema iloobia


Where Brothers Sell Sisters Into Prostitution  
News and Development, 2013

Video report for Global Post exploring the root and routes of sex trafficking in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Client: Global Post
Directed by Suridh Hassan, Camera by Suridh Hassan and Omer Azm.
Edited by Suridh Hassan
Voiceover by Leah Holzworth

PAKNUR x BNE: The Real Street Artist  
Orignal Content, 2012

A short character based film that looks at graffiti and real street art in Jakarta. After leaving his old life as a thug, soldier, police informant and even incarceration, Pak Nur (Mr.Nur) became a self-taught public artist who made his home on the streets. 2012

Directed by Shazeed
Filmed and Edited by Suridh Hassan
Interview by Age Airlangga & Translation by Eddie Mohammed
Music by Technique Noidust

Lady Luck / Jamie Woon  

Promotional Music Video, 2011

BBC Sound of 2011 nominee Jamie Woon worked with the SRK to develop a promotional acapella piece shot just outside Siem Reap in Cambodia.


Client: Jamie Woon
Filmed and Directed by Suridh Hassan.
Additional Edit by Iloobia.

Angkor Hospital for Children  
News and Development, 2011

Short film for Angkor Hospital for Children based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The film was part of an exhibition on Cambodian children’s healthcare which took place in Singapore in June 2011. The experimental cinematic style of the film proved to be an eye-opener for audiences and the film received great reviews.


Client: Angkor Hospital for Children
Directed by Suridh Hassan
Camera by Tom Swindell
Edited by iloobia and Ryo Sanada


Animation, 2014

Stickerbomb mascot ‘Bella’ stars in this short animation created for the release of the Stickerbomb Skulls book

Animated by Cinema iloobia


Digital Origami  
Orignal Content, 2012

Bend, break, scrape and mutilate.

Sound / Image – iloobia
Damage Assistance – Ryo Sanada


Siem Reap Giant Puppet Project  

Original Content, 2012

A local children’s community arts project, one of the largest of its kind in South-East Asia. Providing a creative platform for disadvantaged children to foster and promote expression and self confidence through art. Giant puppets are created by children and include unique educational, cultural or ecological themes such as road safety, endangered species, hygiene, local cultural appreciation and environmental awareness.

Filmed and Edited by Suridh Hassan


Kicking Out: Playing Safe in Kenya  
News and Development, 2007

An 18 min film looking at how getting involved with sports and in particular football can help people and especially children, stay away from a lot of the struggles being poor in Kenya brings. The film looks at the use of sport to spread positive messages to help address the causes and problems of the HIV/AIDS crisis in Kenya.

Client: Alive and Kicking
Produced by Ryo Sanada and Suridh Hassan
Edited by Suridh Hassan and Tim Grabham
Camera by: Joe Cogan

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