Levi’s is a business we all wanted to collaborate with and through our artist network and book series STICKERBOMB, we had a wonderful opportunity to combine all our skills to produce physical products, video content and even lend a hand in events.

Levi’s ran a series of events across China and they needed illustrations for patches from a range of artists covering themes such as Rock and Roll, Nightlife and Sailor Jerry. With the help of our Stickerbomb network, Studio Rarekind curated and sourced a selection of over 150 artworks from over 20 artists for Levi’s to choose from. Levi’s then hand selected 50 individual pieces of work which they turned into patches for their popup events.

This process inspired the Levi’s team to include 3 of the artists in the events themselves. We then asked to put our producer hats on and confirm artist participation. This of course means contacting and co-ordinating with the selected artists to appear at the shows. So that is flights, visas, hotels, accommodation, insurance, stipends.

To ensure a smooth interaction, we sent a member of our team to provide support for both the artist and Levi’s. Producer Jillian Tan, who also spoke Mandarin ensured the Studio Rarekind, Stickerbomb, Levi’s collaboration was so successful that we ended up working with Levi’s the following year on the same event and the same project.

Interested in working with some of our illustrators? Perhaps. you could do with some branding or even need some behind the scenes video content. Please do book a free consultation here and we would be really happy to talk through your project and help you with what you need.