It’s sometimes hard to understand what research companies like IPSOS do but we’ve completed a lot of shoots in the field on behalf of them and in turn learnt a lot about ethnography and in the field research.

image of family in a jakarta that studio rarekind shot
image of family in thailand  that studio rarekind shot

Over the years we’ve executed a number of briefs for IPSOS. We’ve shot in the UK, Thailand and Indonesia and been part of a number of field research initiatives. We’ve learnt to be patient and we’ve learnt to shoot more than we normally would and we’ve learnt how the IPSOS team use our video insights and what they do with it.


The videos we shoot are generally very small teams i.e two people. One shooting director and one IPSOS interviewer. On our side we’d be tasked to shoot all sorts of ‘normality’, anything from a day in the life, to hanging around with friends, to going shopping, or canvassing. It’s very real, very honest ethnographic insights.

During the shoot we’d also do a very comprehensive interview with the subject where the IPSOS interviewer would gather as much detail and insight into the subjects’ life.

For us it’s a wonderful take on filmmaking. Ethnography is part of the world of documentary and we very enjoy understanding how people live and go about their lives. This can mean finding out what they use at home to cook and clean, where they shop and how they shop.

A reel of some of our IPSOS ethnographic work over the years.

If you are interested in ethnographic insights, perhaps you need a similar shoot,  Please do set up a free consultation right here and tell us you read this case study and we’ll give you mates rates! (which is about 40% off!).