“At Nike, Diversity and inclusion is what drives creativity and innovation…

..it takes every one of our over 30000 employees working at the top of their game or Nike to reach its highest potential. And we know that outstanding teams are composed of diverse people, backgrounds and skill sets”.

We were approached by the ASIA regional NIKE team to put together a video reflecting the wide range of diversity and the degree of inclusion the team has. It was considered a very important piece of work and they were very keen to push local food to be the idea to drive the piece.

Each of the NIKE employees were asked to ‘bring’ their own choice of food which reflected their personality and their culture to a banquet lunch. We on the production team were tasked to produce these meals, find the location, shoot the dinner and prepare post production with even assembly edits.

We worked with a local chef and food stylist to produce Soba noodles and Sushi representing Japan, Nachos. to represent the USA, Nasi Lemak representing Malaysia plus many many more foods.

It was a full on production with a lot of recce work, a lot of food preparation, but the actual shooting we kept simple with a two camera set up and a well drilled audio guy to make sure audio on eight people worked well.

With director Suridh Hassan punctuating the conversation with well timed questions, we even managed to get some tears from some of the employees as they reflected on their years of service to the brand.

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