‘How do you make compelling content if you are a small business or individual?’ – the answer is stock video.

Shooting can be expensive and it needs a level of production know-how so for lots of individuals and small businesses, it is easier to scan various stock sites online, find what you need and also find some inspiration whilst you are at it.

However, quality stock video can be expensive with many stock sites selling single 5-second clips for $20 and upwards. The average commercial has about 25-30 shots, let alone wanting to make actual informative content pieces.

This is the reason we made Cutpacks. We have worked in production for a long time and know how much footage and shots you need before the final edit. Plus sometimes. you just want to have fun in the edit, making something enjoyable and creative. We hope with some unique, hand-picked footage and packs of shots for as little as $49 you get some options to make a lot of content.

So What Do We Use Stock For?

Establishing Shots and Cutaways

Establishing shots set the scene. Cutaways lets you go places. These shots give your viewer context and illustrates the points you need to get across.

If you do not the have the budget to shoot a city at dusk or showcase a certain industry, stock video can take you there – the more unique the footage, the more likely it will do a better job for you.


Maybe it’s a dream sequence or you have to cut from an urban environment in Asia to a hospital scene. Transitions come in all shapes and sizes, and stock footage gives you great options in creating interesting, sophisticated means of getting from one point to another that can be entertaining, informative and creative.

Social Media

From Facebook to Instagram to Youtube and more. Building a strong social presence is critical for many businesses and stock video can helps you make content quicker and can effectively help you build out your video content strategy.

Web Banners

We’ve always loved using video in web banners. It gives your site a great feeling of dynamism, movement and quite often a much needed element of ‘cool’.

It’s important to remember that banners cannot be too distracting and should be short i.e 10-12 seconds max. And you don’t need sound on a video banner and like a lot of things with video, keep it simple!


Stock video can help in so many ways. From supplementing a production you are already doing to building out your marketing strategy. We enjoy using stock to make creative music videos, backdrops for animation and we even use them to make short films. Finding the right site to source your footage that provides unique and affordable shots is key. And as filmmakers and businesses owners ourselves, getting the most bang for your buck when buying footage has been a top priority which was one of the main reasons we started Cutpacks. Providing a range of footage, so you have more to play with and bundled in packs that can be used easily as possible.

UPDATE ** For now we’re moving things around at cutpacks.com and we’ll actually be giving away free footage monthly over here. So subscribe to our newsletter for updates and check this page and you’ll see what we’ve got.