Edit Videos faster than ever with our Cutpacks themed stock footage.

Youtubers, marketers, food bloggers rejoice. We’ve announced that we’re slowly rolling out Cutpacks. Themed stock footage bundles that can be used royalty free anywhere and anyhow and being Japanese I thought why not use our one of our latest food packs to put together a short foodie promo – Let’s Make Katsudon.

Text, Titles and Graphics

Text, titles and graphical elements are important in giving your footage an overall style. In this short promo I used quite a few elements just to give the piece some cohesion. A quick logo at the beginning, a few small transitions and choosing the right colour palette all help to give this piece a bit of art direction and help tie it all together.

How To Use Adobe After Effects

I won’t turn this into an After Effects tutorial because there’s an amazing amount of tutorials online. From beginners tutorials on youtube to some wonderful summary blog posts from the Motion Array team. What we did with this piece however was to go through the Cutpack and lay it all down in After Effects. As everything was already curated and preselected it was very fast to just edit a timeline directly in After Effects which isn’t something you can always do.

Editing The Final Promo

I sourced a logo from Noun Project which is a great resource for all things icon. For this promo edit we used an icon of a wok by Adrien Coquet from France. Definitely go and buy some of his icons and support some of the great work he is doing. For the text graphics and wipe transitions I used a Toko Graphics Pack by Motioncan which needed to be installed via MotionBro and I quickly came up with the copy.

That’s It!

It was all very easy and quick to use, from the Cutpacks stock video to the Toko Graphics pack to sourcing an icon. Everything is available and it saved me a lot of time. To finish it all off I used a quick colour grade with a LUT via Lumetri Colour on After Effects and just used some choice bits of audio from the original sound on the stock video.

We’ve got a few more experiments with some Cutpacks over the next few months. If you have some fun with any of them yourself do let us know how you get on as we’d love to feature you.

UPDATE ** For now we’re moving things around at cutpacks.com and we’ll actually be giving away free footage monthly over here. So subscribe to our newsletter for updates and check this page and you’ll see what we’ve got.