Time To Make A Short

It’s never that easy to make a short film. Whether it be an abstract piece or have a very traditional narrative or it’s a bit of fun. Whatever it is, it generally takes work, ideas, patience and most of the time money! Whilst running our production studio in Singapore, we longed to go back to doing real creative work, so we figured it was time to make a series of shorts. One of them was this 2min piece called SHUTTERBUG which you can see below.

Ramble Club

SHUTTERBUG was a short film idea a friend of mine (Jamie Winder) and I put together. The idea came about as we used to walk a lot in Singapore. We would literally cover the tiny city state from east to west and north to south. One classic ramble we did was Somerset MRT station to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was easily one of our most epic walks which took about 9 hours. We did these walks because it was great to chat ideas, explore the urban nature and take pictures. Plus as Brits, we’d get to catch up about the shite state of politics and the more interesting state of the Premiership.

Back To Making The Film

SHUTTERBUG was the culmination of a lot of these walks. This short contains within it the seed of a lot of ideas I started exploring in other films down the line. The capturing of images, the surveillance nature of today’s world and the obsession with technology and social media.


I moved on from Singapore to spend around 15 months in Seattle, where I started to build on SHUTTERBUG with SODO EXPRESS. A lot of the same key themes are in there and as I write this we’re in the midst of editing that film with long term collaborator Tim ‘Cinema Iloobia‘ Grabham.


Hope you enjoy SHUTTERBUG. It was definitely a fun short to direct and edit. Big thanks to everyone who worked on it, especially Ryo Sanada who helped us with the effects and graphics. Rutger Muller, Mike Woloszyn and Matt ‘IXA’ Rudge for the help on music. Jeremy Mackie had some great fun helping us with the grade and colouring and thanks again to Jamie Winder who starred in it and let us use the stills he took.

If you have any productions you need work on, we can help with motion graphics, shoots and edits and you can contact us directly on studio@thesrk.com