Stick and Skate is an irresistible collection of artwork and stickers from iconic brands including Flip, Chocolate, Almost and HUF. Featuring interviews, photographs and both new and highly collectable classic stickers, this book is a must-have for skate fans. 


The world of publishing was definitely dealt a blow by COVID-19 and so many authors globally, including us have had to postpone releases.

Our latest STICKERBOMB publication STICK AND SKATE was due to be released to coincide with the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, but the COVID-19 pandemic has meant everything has been pushed back. Some book releases have been pushed to later this year and others like STICK AND SKATE pushed to 2021.

As release dates get closer, we’ll share more info about the book which features some of our favourite talents including Keith Hufnagel, Carlos Michael Guttierez (great interview with him here) and many more.

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