Ingmar Järve is playing a massive role in our latest film SODO EXPRESS. It’s through him and through his animation we get to express a whole range of ideas and put a whole new layer onto the film.

How did you come about working on Sodo Express?

A while back me and @d.e.w.8 made an animated music video for Blah Records, Macabre brothers – Tell a Friend. Shaz saw the video, reached out and invited me to join the production as the animator.

What’s your process with animation?

For the teaser I approached the project as I did for the Macabre Brothers music video. I started with the art direction by painting a few style frames. After those got accepted, I  started to animate the teaser on my iPad and put the final teaser animation together in After Effects.

For the final film I moved all the animation process to my PC using TVPaint and After Effects because of the amount of animation that is needed to be done for the final film. The iPad isn’t good for large amounts of animation.  For this project i’m mostly doing rotoscoping so i’m taking the scene, break down the clips and find the core meaning thats the scene is conveying and then finding a way how the animation can enhance it.

Even though the animation is quite abstract and mostly line work, the colours and the direction of movement have a meaning that supports the idea of whats going on in the film.

The idea is not to compete with the video material but support it.

And what was your concept for Sodo Express?

I’m not sure how much I can tell here without starting to give out things about the film but i’m basically abstractly illustrating the mental state of the protagonist with colour and motion.

Aside from animation, you do a lot more – tell us a bit about your other art.

In June, after the quarantine period, I quit my day job in an ad agency to pursue my own interests and art.

It got a bit too much to juggle a day job that I wasn t that interested in and do all the other projects on my free time that i’m passionate about.  So now i’m a freelance graphic designer, animator, illustrator and artist.

To highlight a few things I’ve been doing recently – I’ve continued work on music videos with @d.e.w.8. We went to London in late/winter, early spring to film three music videos for Blah records, one of which was Cult of the Damned – Offie, that was a super dope video to help make. 

Cult of The Damned – OFFIE (Official Music Video)

I’ve also been doing alot of different illustration work recently, for example an album cover for Gullyboy x Reklews – Carpal Tunnel from Gunfingers, cool dudes from Australia and most recently the main visual for Tallinn Black Nights Film Festivals (PÖFF) smaller subfestival called PÖFF Shorts thats aimed at animations and short films. 

Cover illustration for Carpal Tunnel From Gunfingers
by GULLYBOY [A.k.a. Mog.Y & Wise Guy] X Reklews

I’ve also been quite active in the local street art scene and i’ve never painted so many walls like I did this year!

I was the graphic designer for Rural Urban Art street art festival this year which took place in my hometown where I also participated. I decided to paint the festival poster on a big wall under a bridge in my hometown and on the festival I painted my own work over it. It’s the biggest work i’ve painted yet.

Recently I got back from Finland where we took down Stencibilitys exhibition “Raw and Beautiful – Anarcho Street Art from Tartu”. A month ago our crew went to Pasila, Helsinki to the Helsinki Urban Art Gallery to install the exhibition where we also painted walls.

Wall outside Helsinki Urban Art, Pasila, Helsinki. Photo by @Stina.Leek

How good and how bad was 2020 and what you got planned for 2021?

2020 has been really crazy but mostly in a positive way. I quit my job, moved away from Tallinn and after that my life has transformed. Been doing a lot of art, wood cutouts, murals, different types of collaborations and I started my own company. 

Jiu Jitsu piece by Ingmar for Aakaeemia

Theres a lot of work ahead of me but i’m very exited about the future and the direction i’m heading in.

My main goal is to keep moving towards my goals, move back to Tartu as soon as possible and just keep doing what I do as freely as I can. I’m hoping that the covid thing will end, so the borders can open up again.

A dream of mine is to be able to travel, paint walls and support myself like that. I’ve also been dreaming about living in Portugal, that seems like an awesome place for an artist to work at.

Ingmar has become quite fundamental to SODO EXPRESS and it’s wonderful having his energy and vibes on this production. You can read more about SODO EXPRESS here and if you’d like to talk to anyone from the crew or you’re interested in collaborating in some way, please do drop us a mail here.