After a drug fuelled night out painting the town with his crew, Bode ‘ Biscuits’ Quaye struggles to maintain his sanity as he is overwhelmed by flashbacks, visions, hallucinations and paranoia causing his world to rapidly fall apart. With people like his girlfriend Aisha on hand to help, little really changes for Bode as he descends into his own personal hell.

BISCUITS is a gritty unapologetic look at one man’s journey through mental health, homelessness and drug addiction. BISCUITS tracks how homeless graffiti writer Bode ‘BISCUITS’ Quaye deals with tragedy, loss, addiction and even love after one fateful day on the streets with his friends.  Whilst he battles with his demons he has an opportunity to pursue what makes him happy and truly come to terms with inner peace.


BISCUITS is a film that is rich in character and emotion, but heavy with depth exploring themes of loss and love all within the context of being homeless. Shooting with a level of intimacy, we will hold a mirror up to contemporary society. With the camera acting more of an observer, we stay close on our characters, building intensity, often lingering on each of them as small details build the significant whole moving towards a climax that floors us with a rich, emotional payoff. BISCUITS will stay with you long after the credits end.