a cinema iloobia / DissolvingPath film 

KanZeOn is part documentary and part sensory exploration of sound. 
The film invites the audience to immerse into an unconventional and trans-formative world where a rarely seen view of Japanese culture is revealed through ancient rituals and extraordinary musical spectacle. 

Since its release in 2011, KanZeOn has played on four continents and continues to find audiences around the world.
Available as a double disc DVD/CD package containing the entire project

PRODUCED / DIRECTED – Neil Cantwell / Tim Grabham
PHOTOGRAPHY – Tom Swindell / Tim Grabham
EDITOR – Tim Grabham

“stunning to look at… mesmerising musical sequences”
Frances Morgan – Sight and Sound

“a unique and enchanting piece of cinema … it emerges as a life enriching experience which lingers and echoes long after the credits have rolled.”
James Mudge – Beyond Hollywood.com

“a stunning new British documentary” 
Jasper Sharp – author and film curator, Midnight Eye

“A mysterious and compelling meditation on sound, song, story, ritual, performance, nature, tradition and Japanese Buddhism…”
Gaetano Kazuo Maida – Executive Director of the Buddhist Film Foundation

“…a precious reminder of the monstrously underrated, visionary capabilities that lie in nonfiction film.…”
Marc Saint-Cyr – J-Film Pow-Wow blog