Struggling artist Ezra becomes obsessed with the prolific and talented Zacher1 who seemingly has made it in the art game. When Ezra drops everything and follows Zach’s work in the streets and online, a game of cat and mouse insues causing his behaviour to become unsettling and dangerous as the hapless artist’s plight grows steadily more desperate.

SODO EXPRESS is my first low budget fiction film shot on location in Seattle, USA. I’m lucky to have signed up a whole range of talent to lend their services to this production including our main artist, performer and actor Ezra Dickinson. Animator and art director Ingmar J√§rve plus on the ground art director and creative Zachary Rochstad. Music and audio will be taken care of MRIXA aka Matt Rudge based out in Hong Kong and currently not only am I directing, i’ll be shooting a number of scenes.

There’ll be more people added to the production as we go forward and you can check over the @sodoexpress instagram for updates plus for more details just check in on my blog.