I’m Ryo George Sanada. Born in rainy Manchester UK (making me a Citeh fan) but I was actually raised in a small town called Toyohashi in central Japan.

I am the head creative, all round producer and co-founder of Studio Rarekind, Stickerbomb and now Cutpacks.com. From living in Japan, to being raised in the UK, I have also lived in Xi’an, China, Bangkok, Thailand and now I live in the slightly less exotic, but still very liveable, Brussels. Belgium.

I learnt my trade as a product designer down in Brighton, UK which is a great place to learn a number of entrepreneurial trades. I met my Studio Rarekind co-founder Suridh Hassan in the early 2000s and was quickly challenged to apply my skills to all kinds of things. Before long I was producing documentaries in Japan, authoring books on street art culture (in particular Rackgaki and Graffiti Asia) and turning over corporate videos and music videos.

These days, when not doing title sequences for broadcasters and our latest film Sodo Express. I am also art directing a new clothing brand called The Land Between The Seas, a new natural wine brand called The Finest Wines Available To Humanity and a Kenyan beauty and healthcare brand called Ler Naturals. When this doesn’t keep me busy, I’m creating content for various Japanese and pan-Asian clients.


This diverse range of work keeps things fresh and the cultural and creative diversity of the work and the team we have built is something I treasure and I’ve grown to realise is part of our DNA and it is what makes Studio Rarekind tick.It’s great to share this new look Studio Rarekind. We’ve decided to let our own crew and network of creatives speak and fill up the pages with new designs, insights and content.


We’ll be launching a new online store dedicated to our ever evolving sticker book series Stickerbomb. Until then you can easily find our latest book Stick It To The Man available to buy over on Laurence King Publishing. It cannot be more relevant than right now as it’s packed with artwork that focuses on human rights and environmental issues. But our next Stickerbomb edition, Stick and Skate has sadly been delayed thanks to Covid,

So if you are interested in working with our network of illustrators and filmmakers get in touch with me directly here and we can get stuff happening!